Sunday, April 23, 2006

Starting of the blog

Welcome to my blog. I'll be posting details about my motorcycle/scooter and riding adventures around the South Western most city of the USA.

As you can see, we ride two Suzuki bikes, a Burgman 400 Maxi-Scooter, and a Vstrom DL1000 Standard bike. The larger of the two carries me and our daughter. My wife rides the Burger.

San Diego and the surrounding area has some great riding roads, and along with great year round weather we put on the miles.

This blog is my feeble attempt at being a better writer, as well a have a place I can document things for prosperity. Knowing others may stumble here means I will try to keep the blog going, with at least a weekly update, and I will try to make it an interesting read.

Thanks for stopping by,