Sunday, August 13, 2006

East San Diego, A small piece of riding Heaven

08.12.06 0830 9th and Palm

After a long break from doing any long distance rides my wife decided we should take a ride out to East San Diego. Keep in mind the San Diego County line ends somewhere near where the I8 drops down into the desert and Imperial County. Our destination for the day was Boulevard, a small town 60 or so miles away. Three of us departed Imperial Beach and and were having breakfast at 9am at the Barret Junction Restaurant. After that we headed out to Boulevard where we waited for any takers on meeting us there by taking the I8. The return ride included a stop in Pine Valley and Lyons Valley. All in all a great Saturday morning ride getting home just after lunch.

This little loop we do is not one of the 'great' rides going, but for its ease/speed of access, lack of traffic, scenery, choices of eateries, choices of break stops, and excellent weather, it is one that never fails to satisfy.

Here is a short video of the ride:

This and our other videos can be seen here:

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