Saturday, August 19, 2006

San Diego to Mexicali via La Rumarosa

I've ridden to Mexicali many times via the I8 and for once decided
to make the trip south of the border. I had some things to do in Mexicali so I decided to see if travelling via Baja's hwy 2 was a possible alternative to I8 or Hwy 94.

I crossed the border in San Ysidro as I needed to renew my work permit. If you are crossing the border and need to get a permit of some sort, San Ysidro is the easiest crossing point to do it as the immigration office and bank are about 50 feet apart and open 24/7. Tijuana isn't the most pretty of surroundings but either south or east going highways will get you out of there in a few minutes.

The first toll heading out of Tijuana is $6, most expensive toll around. After Tecate there are 2 more tolls, one $5 and another $1. You can avoid the $6 toll by starting the 'south of the border' segment of the trip in Tecate. I94 to Tecate is a much better ride than the south of the border. I haven't tried getting permits and insurance in Tecate so can't comment on that.

The toll road is in excellent condition, and not very busy first thing in the morning. Weather was cool and cloudless. Dropping down into the desert had the temperatures climbing fast and furious. Distance compared to my usual commute on the I8 was about 20 miles less and about the same amount of time.

Overall the ride was very pleasant. Entering the south in Tecate is a much better and quicker way to make the trip as the slowest part was making it from San Ysidro to the start of the toll road near Otay.

Below is a short video of the ride down the La Rumarosa:


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